At Broomhill Manor we are committed to providing an excellent experience for our guests while minimizing the environmental impact of our activities with sustainable environmental management. We are members of COAST (Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project) and have applied to join the Green Tourism Business Scheme which provides accreditation and encouragement for tourism businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their activities and work towards continuous improvement.

We undertake to:

  • Comply with requirements set by environmental law in this country

  • Raise the awareness of employees with regards to green issues, the effects of their activities on the environment, and train them in ways which they can help to reduce this impact

  • Annually monitoring and reviewing our environmental performance

At Broomhill Manor we encourage guests and staff to consider their environmental impact and where possible to:

  • Recycle their bottles, cans and paper using the appropriate bins

  • Turn off lights when leaving a room

  • Make sure appliances are not left on unnecessarily

  • Make sure electrical items such as televisions are not left on standby

  • Ensure windows are not left open when heating is on

  • Use environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products

  • Bring used batteries to reception for recycling

We use low energy light bulbs throughout the site. Our electrical appliances are all less than 4 years old and are therefore low rated for environmental impact. Our gardeners use only organic pesticides, compost garden waste and encourage beneficial insects. We have a “no smoking” policy in both the cottages and the public areas of the Estate. We encourage our guests to support local producers, pubs, restaurants, cafes and shops and we promote local tourist attractions and events. We encourage our guests to enjoy walking in the area and supply information on local routes and abide by the Sustainable Tourism Visitor Code.